Work is live

such a philosophical title was assigned to the project of Ludza Society for the Disabled, which was presented to a wider society last week. The manager of the project Svetlana Rimsa informed about the main aspects of it. More…

Representatives from Ludza Society for the Disabled and Social service visit Sebezh in Russia


On 3 December 2013, representatives from Ludza society for the Disabled together with the head of Social service of Ludza municipality participated in the event dedicated to International Day of Disabled People in Sebezh, Russia. During the meeting, the following matters were discussed: provision of social help and social service to inhabitants of both parties, activities of Ludza Society for the Disabled and Sebezh district Society for the Disabled, opportunities for cooperation. After the official meeting, there was a possibility to watch the event dedicated to International Day of Disabled People, where people with special needs and local artists performed. Performances of these people touched the audience – a completely blind man without movement possibilities and in a wheelchair read a poem; a woman with movement difficulties sang a very beautiful song about mother, etc. In the venue of the event, disabled people’s art works were exhibited – wooden work, paper work, and various knittings.


Ludza Society for the Disabled implements a project in the field of social entrepreneurship

“Ludza Society for the Disabled” has started implementation of the project “Work is live” (No. 2012.EEZ/PP/1/MEC/012), which is supported by the programme “NGO fund” of European Economic Area Financial Instrument 2009 – 2014, co-financed by Ludza Municipality. Implementation of the project takes place from 1 November 2013 until 30 April 2015. Ludza Society for the Disabled will implement this project in cooperation with the foreign partner – Örtækni workshop of the Organization of the Disabled in Iceland, with which a partnership agreement is signed.