We learn social business

Future business model or social entrepreneurship
Social entrepreneurship is an exciting and inspiring tendency of the 21st century, which at the moment is developing more and more in the world. Its essence is to stimulate positive social changes in a person’s life. Here, in Ludza, employees of “SinaVita” and members of Ludza Society for the Disabled can confirm it. Participants of the training course “Establishment, work and management of a social enterprise” also came to this conclusion.

Sociālā uzņēmējdarbība – veids kā risināt sociālās problēmas

Invitation to acquire social entrepreneurship

In the free of charge training course “Establishment, work and management of a social enterprise”, we offer to acquire the following topics:
- Establishment of a social enterprise;
- Legal aspects
- Social enterprises and taxes in the Republic of Latvia;
- Marketing management in social enterprises;
- Organization of production trade and sale;
- Financial management;
- Management of the organization;
- Staff management in social enterprises;
- Development of a business plan.