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Ludza Society for the Disabled as an independent organization was founded on 25 April 2006.

Goals of the organization

  • Enable integration of handicapped people in society: satisfaction of their social, sport and cultural needs.
  • Protect interests of handicapped people by participation in the process of development of laws and regulations.
  • Facilitate handicapped people’s employment, entrepreneurship, education.


In October 2006, status of a public benefit organization was assigned to Ludza Society for the Disabled.

The main activities of the Society are the following:

  • organization of festive events for the members of Ludza Society for the Disabled;
  • development of project applications and participation in the projects;
  • notification of members of the Society about the possibilities of rehabilitation, education and skill development;
  • participation in the events, organized by Ludza Town Library and Ludza Folk Centre;
  • organization of excursions for the members of the Society;
  • meetings with social workers of LudzaMunicipality for discussion of various social matters;
  • once in three months members’ meetings are organized, in which current events of the Society and its further actions are discussed;
  • customer consulting. Most disabled people are interested in legal matters – what their rights are; what allowances they can get from their local authority; how and where they can get technical aid, etc.;
  • concluded cooperation agreement with LudzaMunicipality;
  • LudzaMunicipality has received a list-photo fixation bout the places where improvements of environment availability are necessary;
  • An agreement has been reached with Ludza Hospital on reduction of the price for rehabilitation service for people with disability living in Ludza, Karsava, Cibla and Zilupe municipalities in the summer months of 2013.